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The New Balkans Institute

Belgrade Research Center for Humanities and Arts (founded in 2011) joined the experts from various fields interested in research and active promotion of knowledge and legitimate attitudes in public fields insufficiently or poorly covered by both governmental and nongovernmental institutions. We need scientific expertise and clear views on the past and the future of regional political and economic integration and cultural cooperation, on individual rights and economic freedom in context of the totalitarian past, especially legacies of Nazism, Holcaust and communism, and also within realities of unsuccessful transition and the long duration of regional conflict.

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We launched Cold War studies related to important controversies as urban and social realities, especially intellectual, ideological and political devaluations of rebellion, movements and attitudes that condemned totalitarianism and suppression suffocation of political and economic freedom.

We believe that the current intellectual betrayal of liberal democracy, its values and historical achievements, is essential in the current global developments. We do research in history of borders and borderland communities, mentalities and everyday life, relations between traditional society and modernization influences, relations between modern and cultural heritage, institution-building and the modernization of education, as well as both the history and future of urban communities. Our Mediterranean studies are both related to the post-Braudelian dilemmas and contemporary topics in international relations, security or cultural relativism. We are proud of current progress and improvements in Serbian and neighborly scientific communities in area of humanistic and cultural studies. Our cooperation with Croatian colleagues and institutions if of an exceptional value.

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